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Series 2: Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
ISBN : 81-88279-39-0
Year: 2007
CROWN SIZE Rs. 1050/-

Role of biotechnology in medicinal and aromatic plants - volume XV


  • Therapeutic potential of fruits, vegetables and spices
  • Cabbage: Vegetables and healthcarel
  • Haldi: Spices at home for health remedies
  • Neem: The pride of India
  • Tulsi: The ozone protector cures many ailments
  • Papaya: A wholesome low calorie fruit for good health
  • Red gram: A source of herbal protein
  • Mustard oil: Ethnomedicine of herbal oil
  • Vitamins: Vitamin-A
  • Vision 2020: The right to sight
  • Diet and obesity: Balanced diet keeps us fit and fine
  • Iodine: An essential micronutrient for growth